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Throwback Topic: Claret Master Plan

Claret Master Plan

Exactly a year and a half ago, our team envisioned a Master Plan for Claret School of Quezon City. The school complex was to be renovated and the new proposal is to be composed of:

Claret Multi-Level Sports Center

1. A New Multi-Level Sports Centre

- a proposed new structure that will replace the old Claret School Gymnasium. It aims to raise the athletic competitiveness of Claret students by housing different sports activities. In addition to this, the new structure will provide space for other extracurricular and academic activites such as music rooms, debate halls, and student hangout spots.

Claret New School Building

2. A new school building

- this proposed new school building will provide additional classrooms to cater the influx of new students caused by the introduction of K11 - K12 in the academic curriculum.

Claret Car Park

3. A new multi level parking space

- the new parking structure will solve the problem of everyday gridlocks in the surrounding streets of Claret School. The design intent was to introduce a structure that avoids creating a visual and aesthetic obstruction

4. A retrofitted building for a new claret college


Our team's proposal aimed to cater to the school’s vision of building a promising future - better, innovative, forward-looking, confident and competent institution.

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