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Condo Living Magazine : Designer Challenge

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Emerging Architects Studio was featured on the August 2014 issue of Condo Living Magazine! We were invited to participate in their Designer Challenge using unusual materials for the interior design of a condominium unit.

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“Harmony in disparity, a paradoxical composition”

Architects are not just designers of buildings; we are designers of environment.

Floor Plan.jpg

Our team had fun experimenting on the possibilities of plastic as a main material that acts both as an architectural element and as the basic material of the furniture in the unit.

Living Area Perspective.jpg

We came up with the idea of walls, ceiling, and floor that fluidly transforms into chairs, tables, storage, ledges, and other accents. Plastic, Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) in particular, perfectly fits the requirements in translating this design idea into a reality.

GRP has high tensile strength and low bending stiffness but yet, it is still highly durable and sturdy. GRP can also be fabricated locally using traditional moulding techniques and other conventional procedures.

Dining Area Perspective.jpg

A curvilinear display of GRP in both the living and dining areas accentuates the two adjacent spaces. The intent was to create movement and a blurred yet smooth transition between the two spaces.

For the design of the bedroom, we intended to have a culmination of harmony of finishes - weave materials, bricks, and a fluidity introduced by GRP - on full display in one area of the room. This combination of materials creates a cosy ambience to the user.

Bedroom Perspective.jpg

Our design may be far from the traditional, but our team explored new possibilities not only for the material but for an active design – an analog approach to user movement.

This, we think, is a novel translation of achieving harmony in disparity or a balance in paradox.


So go grab a copy of Condo Living Magazine's August 2014 issue!

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