palawan sustainable eco-village

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palawan sustainable eco-village

narra, palawan


A proposed eco-village located at Narra, Palawan, for a multi-national corporation client. 

The client specifically required a design for a Master Plan (with support & ancillary structures) that carries the principles and vision of a sustainable and ecological village, to house their industry and its inevitably growing needs.

The Master Plan intends to translate a concept of [HABI]-TAT : a village that will uphold vernacular architecture that will envision to stitch the strands of rural fabric for the municipality of Narra. The development of the site intends to be carried-out in phases, in order to respond and adapt conjointly with the ever-changing needs and demands of the site. Critical support structures have been identified and clustered according to necessity and use.


Phase 1 : Retrofitting of existing structures

Phase 2 : Dwelling Complex, Sports Center and Activity Areas

Phase 3 : Utility and Service Facilities


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