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Odd Cafe Lounge


Finman Center, Makati




Interior Design

Construction Supervision

Interior Design Fit-Out

Odd Cafe is located in the office space of our clients, Oddefy Agency. Off-beat, imaginative, and sensualist, the goal is to provide a quirky experience for coffee lovers, may it be a go-to workspace or a place to catch-up with friends.

As part of their project requirements, our client wanted to practice sustainability for the interiors while still being able to showcase their odd personality and branding.

With this in mind, our team decided to repurpose most of the existing modular elements from their office (i.e. converting old lockers to plantboxes, extending the kitchen counter to a bigger one, and tapping into existing utility lines to minimize renovation works). We incorporated curves and peculiar blobs along the walls of the cafe to mimic the branding of their packaging. We also procured upcycled and even secondhand furniture pieces that fit with the overall eccentricity of Odd Cafe.

You can see and experience the space for yourselves at Odd Cafe (@oddcafeph ) located at Finman Center, Makati.

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