marc angelo s virtucio, UAP, nampap


Juris Doctor, College of Law (Univ of the Philippines) 2013-present

​BS Architecture (Univ of the Philippines) 2010

Cum Laude
Philip Recto Design Excellence Awardee 2010

Marc was an active and well-rounded student during his college years. He was known for his passion in architecture and public service. He co-founded  and joined various organizations inside and outside the university.

His designs and works specialized on studying interesting architectural forms and structural assemblies. Such fascination consequently earned himself a place as best in thesis in his class which turned as an avenue to work for one of the top firms in Singapore. His years of foreign experience exposed him in various range of works- conceptual design, design development, construction and post-construction, to projects of all scales- small, medium and high.

He is proud of his major involvement with the upgrading of Changi Airport Terminal 1 and his participation in conceptual design schematics for the proposed Terminal 4. After two years, he co-founded East, and has since been actively practicing the profession in the Philippines.