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A design proposal for a school in response to the Haiyan super typhoon that struck the Philippines.

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Last Feb2014, we were commissioned to provide a design and technical assistance to replace one of the destroyed school buildings (Millenium School Model) in Brgy. Maribi, Tanauan, Leyte.


The construction of the new school was initiated by Akbayanihan and 2 kids in the USA, Malay and Tala, who crafted and sold bracelets to raise funds.


The approved design is a single-storey 4-classroom prototype, raised on stilts with high-pitched albedo roofing.


One of the classrooms is intended to be open with a mini-ampitheater, which serves a multiplicity of uses (classroom, theater, stage, art display, film watching, receiving areas during evacuation, etc). This void is intentional so that the building will perform better structurally during surges and typhoons.


It has a rainwater harvesting system with sex-segregated solar-assisted composting toilets annexed to the main building.


We picked a form and mass familiar to the users for the structure to be relatable. Local materials and techniques were utilized to minimize logistical problems during construction.

Some portions of the facade are cladded with clay bricks, a product of a local dwindling industry in the adjacent baranggay. We used the material to highlight and boost local economy, character, and identity.


The storm shutters are multi-colored to create a vibrant and playful ambiance. Bike racks are integrated to encourage the children to go there on bikes. The open classroom has suspended red, white and blue fabrics as ceiling elements, reminiscent of the bracelets made and sold by Malaya and Tala.


Overall, this project which we truly enjoyed, was a product of several stakeholder consultations and tedious computer-aided analysis (solar, wind, cfd, etc).


We believe that as architects, it is our social responsibility to contribute and help in any way that we can when circumstances arise.


Visit Malaya and Tala's website at haiyanbracelets