A design competition that challenges designers to reinvent the UP Diliman College of Law Library.

“Let’s imagine.


“Imagine two great professors are mentoring us – two distinct personalities, two distinct philosophies, two distinct mindsets. We are caught in the middle with their diverse outlooks.


Imagine being handed-out with contrasting ideas. How do you adapt?...


We find a similar scenario in the Philippine Legal System. Our laws of today are the products from the two distinct ideologies and legal traditions. First is by the Roman-Franco-Spanish Civil Law where the laws are based on long-established codified rules; while equally on the other hand, Anglo- American Common Law where laws are uncodified and created based on judge-made decisions.[1] One is fixed, being a perfection of the past; and one is adaptive. A hybrid legal tradition.


So again, how do we adapt?


Simple. We study each of them carefully. We analyze their traits and characteristics. We learn from their examples.


And we create a unique entity.


The new design for the College of Law Library must architecturally aim to showcase this inimitable characteristic of Philippine Legal System. Being the leading institution, the library must be able to unify two different styles and be perfectly functional. This concept is strongly illustrated and represented both in the exterior and interior of the building's design. Coming from Bocobo or Malcolm hall, users will undoubtedly notice a striking contrast of two different architectural styles on the building’s façade. This is achieved by having a new and modern 'building' that seemingly pierces through the old neo-classical structure that is currently standing on site.


This continues inside the building by introducing an indoor atrium in the middle of the structure. The atrium introduces an informal learning system in the middle of a formal learning environment. Pocket areas for group discussions, meetings, discourses and debates are presented to the students to encourage interaction. Enhancing the experience are the introduction of dynamic shelving technologies and the playful presentation of spaces to easily orient users inside the structure. Integrated with different sustainable features in the elements of the structure, the traditional library environment is then transformed and turned into something unique yet completely personal.


A synthesis of two worlds!”

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