​BS Architecture (Univ of Sto Tomas) 1988

Architects Team 3 PTE LTD - Singapore

Deo was known as an aggressive and radical type of architect. Having passed the architecture licensure examination shortly after graduating college in 1988, he was picked and chosen by his senior colleagues for a project in Singapore. As Singapore was at its high-time during the period- with the small nation starting to build-up and make a way in the international arena, he easily coped up and became one of the original forefathers in Singapore architectural history. 


Deo has since established himself as a foreign architect. He has collaborated with various architecture professionals from across the globe. He has involved himself in countless of projects in Singapore, ranging from all scales- small, medium and big.

He specializes in the design and construction of residential, condominiums, banks, hospitals, malls, factories and government buildings. His collaboration with EASt brings the company one step closer to the international scene.