For the 2nd time, our team was awarded the first runner-up in OneMega Group and BluPrint Annual Visionary Design Competition [AVID5]. The design problem for this competition was to tackle the importance of museums in our country and to showcase Philippine Contemporary Art.

“I was walking alone in a globalized city in a foreign land. I had no knowledge of their background, their society, their culture... 

As I strolled along their paved walkways, I noticed a small, peculiar structure emerging from the earth. It was a curious form that ever so slightly showed a hint of the things below the surface of the city streets, below the buildings, below the urban fabric.


It piqued my curiosity.


I begin to notice that these remarkable forms are scattered around the streetscape of the city. As I looked for a possible explanation, I stumbled upon an edifice beside a city bus station. Similar in aesthetic, I entered the structure and came across a long corridor. Before me, an arrangement of various artworks lined up. As I traced my steps forward, I experienced their growth. Slowly, I got to know their society. With each piece, I began to discover their soul. Suddenly, this corridor unravelled and culminated into a grand hall. I was enveloped by a vibrant weaving of lights, sound, people, art, culture.

This city has just embraced me. #BASEexperience"


#BASE: The BGC Arts and Society Exhibit


#BASE aims to highlight the importance of discovery and the journey that it offers to the participants. #BASE teases people to participate, to learn, and to experience a larger world that’s seemingly invisible to the naked eye.

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